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Front Back Dual Cam (iOS)

Available on the Apple App Store

App Icon, QR code for app download

Front Back Dual Cam icon QR code for Front Back Dual Cam app download


Front Back Dual Cam is the app to use front and back camera at the same time, for video recording and taking photo. That is, a picture-in-picture feature for both taking video and photo.

With video recording on both sides simultanuosly, photographer will not left out any more. User is able to make more fun and more professional video. Best for video logger, professional news reporter, tutorial makers, esport player, or lifestyle recorder.



- support full screen preview - no black borders on top or bottom. This providers maximum preview screen size and better user experience.

- support pinch to zoom - two fingers to zoom in or zoom out of camera view

- support multiple video / photo layout format

- support user editable text watermark on video or photo (require "Buy" to unlock this feature)

- support reverse camera. That is, front-facing image on small screen layout (default) or large screen layout

- support using bluetooth headset as voice input.


* Please note that multi-cam app requires minimum Apple A12 cpu. That is, minimum iPhone XR. iPhone X or below is not supported.



Front Back Dual Cam screenshot 1 Front Back Dual Cam screenshot 2
Front Back Dual Cam screenshot 3 Front Back Dual Cam screenshot 4



1.0 - April 2020