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Headset Remote (Live Listen for Android)

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transmit voice from Android to remote bluetooth headset

Google Play Description:

With Headset Remote, user's Android device becomes a microphone, transmit voice to remote bluetooth headset wirelessly. This is act like Live Listen.

What is Live Listen? Live Listen is introduced by Apple in iOS 12. It is a feature that turn iPhone into remote microphone for the Airpods. As it requires expensive accessory, this app is to provide same feature with use of cheaper bluetooth headphone for Android devices.

How to use:
Turn on Android bluetooth, connect to your bluetooth headphone. Start this app, try music 1 or 2 first, to make sure the sound audio goes to the bluetooth headset and not through internal speaker. Then start the Listen function. Voice from built-in mic of the Android phone will transmit to the bluetooth headphone. Optional, user can record the voice, save to wav file and share through email, Google drive, or social network.

Headset Remote also support wired headset. Plug in wired headset, user can use the wired mic to talk to people who listening with bluetooth headphone. That is, user can put Android phone in the pocket, using the wired microphone to talk to the another person within 10 meter bluetooth range.

How to use?

Why using this app? This could be:
1. Master of ceremonies (MC), host, speaker, performer, cameraman, reporter, disc jockey, etc, may want to listen to the director behind in live show. This can be remind or make adjustment of the stage performance.
1. hearing live voice of a speaker / lecturer in a big classroom.
2. hearing baby cry in a room when you are working in the kitchen.
3. Listen to TV audio when you are doing exercise.
4. outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, cycling, or even driving a car, etc.
5. entertainment purpose in a party for fun.

6. Similar to many Super Ear app in the store, Headset Remote can help people hear a conversation in noisy area.
7. Use as voice memo reminder.

1. You must have a bluetooth headphone that capable bluetooth connect to your Android device. Do NOT use internal speaker as there will be feedback echo voice.
2. This app is not design to replace heading aid or medical devices.

1. The bluetooth headset should be A2DP compatible type, which is able to listen to music from Android app (the most poplular type today). Very old type HSP/HFP can only use for telephone call which is not compatible.
2. Please respect other people privacy. Do not use this app as spy or eavesdrop purpose.
3. Top volume bar control the output volume. It is same as the device volume up down buttons.
4. This is also a voice booster for remote hearing usage. If user hear echo voice, try to lower the output volume until feeling comfortable.
5. Since this app is using bluetooth only, this app is able to work without GSM or 4G mobile netowrk.
6. This app is compatible with most mobile phone such as Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, etc, with most music type bluetooth headset. However, it has not been tested by Apple airpod.

This app does NOT collect any information from user or device. Please download this app from official Google Play only.


Home screen for bluetooth headset transmit voice to bluetooth headset



1.0 - Jul 2019. Initial version.

1.9 - Jan 2021. Current version.