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iSelfie - wireless remote selfie camera

(former name: iSelfie - camera remote control. Out of maintenance. Please try iSelife Two - wireless remote selfie camera)

(Removed from App Store. Please visit for here for more information)

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App Icon (for version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2-14)

app icon for version 1.0 app icon for version 1.1 app icon version 1.2

App Store Description

iSelfie - wireless remote selfie camera, is the world FIRST iOS app that wireless connect 2 iOS devices together, to remote take pictures with live camera preview on your hand.

***** Recommended from TUAW:
iSelfie is a very clever free app that lets you take pictures from one iOS device, remotely controlling it from another ...... iSelfie is a nice app that actually solves a problem.

***** Recommended from TrickyWays:
For iOS users iSelfie is a free app that makes easy for selfies to take photos by pairing two of iDevices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

***** Recommended from iAvengers:
iSelfie is a free app and really convenient for those who is recruiting a device to take pictures remotely via iPhone.

- - - - - - - -

iSelfie is a free app to wireless connect between two iOS devices. One act as camera host, another one act as remote controller. Using device-to-device WiFi connection, no 3G or WiFi router is required. Once connected, remote controller can preview and take pictures using the high resolution of back camera of the host. Adjustable timer is also provided for user convenience. This self portrait app is unique that can let user preview on remote side. No more re-take. No more missing person. Designed for selfie lovers!

- wireless connect two iOS devices, one act as camera host, the other one act as remote controller.
- support iOS 7 nearby WiFi, which is device to device direct connection. No 3G or WiFi router is required.
- also support Bluetooth connection, for iOS 5 or 6 users.
- both devices show the camera preview of the host.
- use high resolution back camera to take picture. Better quality and wider background. No more stretching arm!
- controller able to take multiple pictures when connected.
- adjustable timer on controller, for group of people to get ready.
- provide AE/AF and white balance control on the remote controller.
- remote control the torch mode of the back-LED of the host, if available.
- optional date time and watermark on photo.
- share photo within iSelfie, or share using the default camera roll feature.
- photo save to camera roll, which selfies can edit before share.

This app is universal to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Install iSelfie to 2 iOS devices. Choose one of them as Camera Host, the other one as Remote Controller. Then choose nearby WiFi connection (recommended), or Bluetooth (for iOS 5 or 6 user only). Wait for the popup dialog box, choose the device to connect and click "Accept" on the other device. That is. User should be able to see camera preview on both devices.

Minimum requirements:
- iOS 5 or above. Nearby WiFi requires iOS 7. Recommend using nearby WiFi for connection.
- iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4 or The New iPad or above hardware.
- No 3G or WiFi router is required. Devices are direct wireless connect to each other.

Privacy requirement:
- for iOS 8, this app requires to access "Photo" and "Camera" privacy.
- for iOS 6 or 7, this app requires to access "Photo" privacy.
- for iOS 5, this app requires to access "Location Services" privacy.

** Remarks / Tips:
- To use Bluetooth for iOS 7 devices, user need to manually turn on Bluetooth in the Setting, before using Bluetooth connection. To get better performance, try to stay away from other bluetooth product.
- To use Nearby WiFi, suggest to switch off Bluetooth, as it may interfere with WiFi.
- video tutorial and trouble shooting are provided on official support website.
- Each device should have a name, otherwise, it will show a blank entry in the connection popup box.

iSelfie is already installed over 16000 times in 2014. Get it NOW for all your iOS devices! It is unique and cool, and is the most exciting app for taking pictures for yourself, your friends, and your family!

Video demo:

Hiking outdoor, which using device-to-device WiFi connection (iOS 7 required) Hiking outdoor, using bluetooth connection (required to manually turn on, if using iOS 7)



iSelfie app home screen
camera host screen remote controller screen


1. Unable to connect:

emtry name entry name entry screen

- every device should have a name. Otherwise, d2d WiFi will search another device with a blank entry, which is unable to connect on both side. Please entry a name for both devices.


2. Bluetooth connection:

- for iOS 7 user, please turn on Bluetooth before using this app. If using Nearby WiFi, please turn off Bluetooth as it will interfere WiFi connection.

turn on bluetooth for iOS 7

- During Bluetooth connection, it is slow and may found the following message. This is normal. Wait for a few seconds more, until the popup dialog box appear.

bluetooth message click Accept



3. Nearby WiFi (device-to-device) connection:

- It is possible to see multiple entries for the same device, when attempt to connect twice. If found the following screen, choose the last entry, or cancel and retry again.

multiple entries for same device

4. Drop connection

- Remember to choose the last entry, if there are multiple entries of device available during connection. If there are many connection and disconnection in a short period of time, the connection may unstable. Try double click the home button and tap away the app to free up the memory.


Focus Lock (for version 1.2)

- To manually change the focus point instead of using auto focus, click on the AE / AF button. Then tap on the screen to change the foucs point. Note that the camera host and the remote controller must be the same orientation.

focus point 1 focus point 2


Current version

1.4 - bug fix and auto optimize remote camera preview

1.3 - enhance UI and fix potential bug

1.2 - Mar 21, 2014. Add focus lock and white balance features. Enchance user interface.

1.1 - Jan 18, 2014. Bugfix and performance enhancement. Greatly reduce remote camera preview latency!

1.0 - Jan 1, 2014 . Initial version.