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app icon for version 1.0

Do you have a good short video? vPhotogrid can help to capture some video frames, convert them into a photo grid and upload it to the social networks. Also, this photo grid can merge back to the first frame of the video to become the thumbnail of the video.

- convert a short video into a photo grid of style 1x1, 2x2, or 3x3.
- able to set photo grid with or without color border.
- vPhotoGrid comes with a photo editor. User can edit the photo such as draw, write text and put image sticker on photo.
- photogrid or any photo in the album, can merge back to become the first frame of the video (they must be the same dimension and same orientation). Thus, this photogrid can be the thumbnail of the video.


- for photogrid style 1x1 without border, it is the same as screenshot capture with the same dimension of the video.
- YouTube platform will extract a random frame of video to be the thumbnail. To manually choose a frame as thumbnail, user has to be the YouTube partner.
- Both convert and merge process takes time to finish, which could be slightly more than the time length of the video. Be patient.


Hardware requirement:
- Universal app runs on both iPhone and iPad. Require faster CPU device such as iPhone 5s or above.


Privacy requirement:
- Photos, Camera and Microphone for iOS 8.
- Photos and Microphone for iOS 7.


If you love taking short video, get this app now. You will enjoy how easy and fun to use.


convert video to photo grid select video to convert
build-in photo editing feature merge photo grid back to video
different styles of photo grid, 1x1, 2x2, 3x3  



1. Facebook demo screen capture:

Facebook demo screen

2. Demo on Vimeo

Demo for iPhone app, vPhotoGrid - video to photogrid from Wimlog on Vimeo.

Q. Why there is no YouTube demo?

A. YouTube does not let user choose the frame as the video thumbnail, except YouTube partner.


Current version

1.0 - Dec 4, 2014. Initial version.