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1. Why iOS platform, no Android?

- Android has a lot of versions, and a lot of device manufacturers and a lot of screen resolutions. To implement a game and test a game on all Android devices, it is too difficult for a startup.

For iOS platform, 80% of the devices are already upgrade to iOS 5. Apps/games deploy version should target to iOS4 to cover most of the devices. Game resolution set to 320x480 for 3GS or above. Although it does not look good for iPad, but it works. Save your time until you app/game is getting popular!

The following chart is taken from As of today, no device get more than 4% of the Android market. The most popular version is still 2.3.x, not the latest 4.x.


The following picture shows a Hong Kong based company testing on Android game.


- Accroading to, developer revenue from iOS VS Android is about 4:1.