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3. About the first game, Gold Rush 1848. Why using Flash to create games?

- The name of the game was Gold Miner. When uploading to App Store, the name exists already! Took about 1 day to rename everything, redesign the graphics and test again.


- Gold Rush 1848 is created by Flash CS5. Flash is good for creating games. Most game grapphics are created by Illustrator and Photoshop, and import them to Flash.


- Why using Flash? It is visual design, easy AS3 coding, simple but powerful enough. Flash has a longer history than Cocos2D. Searching tutorial in forums and websites is much more easier.


- This game is a trial or an experiment. Game concept design and graphics are not good enough. This is a trial of submiting flash converted game to App Store. It successed on first submission, but failed to attract people to download even the free lite version.


- No marketing is done for this game so far, because it does not worth to. Hope the second game (Evil Pigs) and third game (Earth Protector) would be better. Evil Pigs is a puzzle game that requires skill to pass the levels. Earth Protector will make use of iPhone 3d motion sensor. It would be fun, I promise.