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4. About the first app, Man Utd post match comments and rating

- Why doing this app? I am a super fans of Manchester United Football Club, and Man Utd has more than 100 million fans all over the world.

- There is no official Manchester United Football Club iphone app (as of today). If the club publishes its own official iphone app, this app will not get any download and I will remove it.

- From the official Facebook fans page, many fans are active and comment on each news related to the club (on average, 50000 likes, 5000 comments).

- Although there are some few comments and rating on each football match made by the users, the total download number and active users are far from satisfy.

- Another purpose of this app is to test the iAd market on free app. It is found that the fill rate is low (about 20-30% only), and revenue is low (due to low usage figure). Unless your app got millions of downloads and app usage is high enough, ad revenue is not a good source of income.

- This app is created by official XCode, deploy target for iOS 4.0. The backend servers are typical Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP (LAMP), which is not the same host of this domain. With using virtual private server, the price and performance ratio is acceptable.

- Took about 4 months to implement this app, including the server side PHP and MySQL setup.

- There was once posting an announcement of this iphone app on a local (Hong Kong) discussion forum on sports->Man Utd football club. The app download is boost to 80 on the next day, reach the Hong Kong App Sore sports category number 10. It drops out of 25 2 days later. There are 23 countries that rank 100 reached in the sports category. However, not including UK and US stores.