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5. About the second app, Contact Profile Pictures

- Why doing this app? This is another experiment. An experiment of:

1. if Facebook users help to promote this app

2. To find out the effect of using press release

The result is, unlike Draw Something, the large number of Facebook users do not help to increase the download rate. When using press release distribution, there are a few downloads on the first few days, and effect is limited. Many websites include the news announcement, with url links back to this website. That is.

To increase the download rate, the most easiest solution is to change the paid download to free download. It will instantly boost the download figures. After the free download period, my paid app receive "featured in iTunes in 123 places". Download back to a low level again.

So far, I recevied only 1 rating and 1 comment:

It is not shown in iTunes page, since Apple does not receive enough comments and ratings. A 4-stars rating from user is not bad.


This app is a failure, in terms of download figure. Most people would only use it once or a few times only. To make it more interesting, a visual contact list is included, which can make phone call. However, most people would still use the iPhone dialer. This feature will not compatible with iOS 6, due to the new privacy setting. An update fix will be released soon.