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6. How to promote iPhone game?

- The most easiest method is, to lower the price or change it to free for limited period, if it is a paid game. This is a trade-off, but getting more downloads within a short period of time could help to boost to the top download list. Why it works? There are many iPhone app/game review websites that monitor the price drop. It helps instantly increase the download figure. However, once the price changes back to its original price, the download figure may also drop a lot.

- Make your game to very high quality, so that Apple fetaured it.

- Submit your game details, and even your story or background to the game review sites, with a promote code. If it is unique and good enough, they may introduce your game.

- If you have no idea on game marketing, you may try to work with an experience game publisher.

- Besides official website, try to setup a Twitter and Facebook page for the game.