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8. About the second game, Cats in Black

(Removed from the App Store)

Q. Why is this game list as Paid instead of Free?

A. This is no ad and no in-app purchase in this game. You will not pay more than expected. Just US $0.99. That is.

- Coding requires a lot of time and effort, and a lot of coffee. You may play this game online FREE (available soon. Flash required). You may try it unlimited time and only buy the iPhone version if you like.


Q. Is there Lite version?

A. No. Just one iPhone (or iPad/iPod Touch) Paid version.


Q. Is there Android version?

A. Again, no. Testing the game on hundred different devices with different resolution, different Google API version is too difficult for an indie.


Q. Why there are only 36 levels?

A. During beta testing, some of my friends found it difficult to pass the first few levels (suprise). Thus, I spent several days to reduce the board size (to limit the number of choices) and re-designed all levels. 36 levels would be enough for the first version.

- If there are more than 100 downloads in 1 month, I will upgrade this game to come with more levels. If there are 200 downloads in 1 month, I will create a iPad version for it.


Q. Any special feature?

A. No special feature. No Facebook connect. No Twitter connect. No Game Center. No posting of highscore or photo anywhere. No notification. No Facebook request or invite. Just fun, if you like this puzzle game.

- This game is design for both physical board game and electronic game. i.e. this game is possible to play on a board. However, physical board game would not produce in the near future.

- When re-play a level that passed, you may found the board with objects are in reverse / flip. So, you cannot simply memorize the solution!


Q. Any promo code for this game?

A. If you are a blogger, editor, website admin or similar, you may ask for an iPhone promo code for game review purpose. Please send me you website url as well. Contact me at